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Overview Of Dental Implants

Tooth replacement is about more than filling the gaps in your smile. It’s also about restoring your ability to chew properly, to speak with confidence, and to feel good about yourself. We take pride in offering solutions that restore the look and function of your smile without harming your health. You want a restoration that is comfortable, permanent, undetectable, and most importantly, bio-compatible. Dr. Gerry Curatola, founder of Rejuvenation Dentistry®, and our entire distinguished team specialize in planning and placing dental implants and restorations that look and feel like your natural teeth. 

Short-Term Tooth Replacement Options

When you suffer from tooth loss, tooth implants are recommended over short-term bridges, that harm adjacent healthy teeth, and full or partial dentures. Although dentures have long been a staple of restoration dentistry, many find their temporary nature to be problematic. Poorly adhering pastes and sliding dentures can leave you feeling insecure about your smile, but with dental implants, you can regain your confidence. A balanced and healthy diet, the freedom to laugh fully, and the ability to speak without hesitation can all become realities. Schedule a consultation with our team to learn how we can revitalize your smile with dental implants on the Upper East Side, NY.

Dr. Curatola talks about Benefits of Dental Implants in Midtown, NY to Replace Missing Teeth

Dental Implants Are Designed to last

Zirconia: metal-free, allergy-free

Why Zirconia Implants? Zirconia is both a tensile and a very durable, dense material. Since it is highly bio-compatible (i.e. able to integrate naturally into the body), it is used in dentistry for posts, crowns, implant abutments and dental implants. 

Zirconia matches the color of natural teeth, and is bio-inert making it both a good-looking and superior material in implant dentistry particularly in cases where metal allergies, aesthetics or other compatibility issues are of concern.

Dr. Volchonok -  Ceramic implants - the ideal implant solution for people with gum recession.

A biological approach to Dental Implants

Dr. VOLCHONOK talks about Zirconia implants - a metal free implant option.

As biologic and restorative dentists we consider the whole patient including the systemic effects of our treatment. That’s why we highly recommend zirconia dental implants. Zirconia does not cause allergic reactions and is not sensitive to temperature (since it is thermally not conductive). Given their natural tooth-like appearance, zirconia implants have an aesthetic advantage over titanium implants. While attractive aesthetic results can also be obtained with titanium implants where ceramic posts and crowns are used, this significantly increases the cost of treatment.

Ceramic implants cause very little inflammation, exhibit significantly less plaque formation and in the event of slight gum recession or shrinkage, they do not reveal the unsightly gray lines attributed to titanium implants. Zirconia implants are non-corrosive and have no impact on taste in the mouth. Significantly, Zirconia implants do not cause health disturbances such as galvanization (electro-current disturbance) which naturally disrupts the body’s energy meridians and inter-cellular electric currents, as well as causes or accelerates disease processes.

Bio-compatible Bone Graft Materials

All of the bone grafting materials that we use here have been painstakingly selected over decades of research. Our team has considered only the most natural, effective and top-of-the-line materials available on the dental market with the greatest consideration of every material’s bio-compatibility. All of our grafting materials have bacteriostatic properties, and facilitate blood clotting in a bone graft, enabling the material to take on the necessary density. Further, these materials are rarely utilized by other general dentists or oral surgeons because they require more investment of time, educational effort, and cost on our part. We believe that you’re worth it!

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