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Dr. Gerry Curatola

What is temporomandibular joint (tmj) disorder?

Do you suffer from sore facial muscles or jaw pain? Rejuvenation Dentistry® can provide relief when vague symptoms are affecting the way you feel, how you eat, or the quality of your sleep. Dr. Gerry Curatola, pioneer of biological dentistry and practice founder, and our acclaimed team offer relief from chronic pain with holistic treatment.

TMJ disorders affect the jaw joint and surrounding facial muscles. At best, a TMJ disorder can cause chronic jaw pain, and at worst, it can result in a host of vague symptoms that can go undiagnosed for months, even years. The symptoms of TMJ disorders affect more than your teeth and jaw. This is another reason why a holistic and biological approach is best. We can assess and diagnose TMJ disorders, quickly improving your overall health and wellness.

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Recognizing the symptoms of tmj

Relieving the pain of tmj disorders

Your jaw pain may be easier to correct than you think. After a thorough evaluation, we can quickly address the real source of your disorder. Frequent causes include bruxism and a misaligned bite.
dental mouth guard The simple act of grinding or clenching your teeth, (also called bruxism) whether you’re awake or asleep, can encourage the onset of the disorder. We can ease your jaw pain with a night guard, similar to a protective mouth guard worn during sports.
malocclusion model When your bite is off, it affects the way your teeth rest together, stopping your jaw from closing comfortably. This can be the result of worn enamel or a newly placed restoration. We can perform an occlusal adjustment by reshaping teeth that prevent proper contact.

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