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FAQS About Teledentistry Consultations

As our world experiences sudden changes with the COVID-19 pandemic, our patients are looking for additional treatment options and emergency care. Teledentistry can help our practice quickly, efficiently, and safely consult with patients during this crisis, while protecting the confidentiality of patient identification and records.

Teledentistry involves the use of electronic communications to enable your health care provider to review and share individual patient medical information to diagnose and treat dental issues, and provide follow-up care.

What is a Teledentistry Consultation?
Teledentistry is a way to provide care for people without requiring a trip to the dental office.
How Does Teledentistry Work?
Our system allows us to use live two-way audio and video to view your records, examine uploaded photos and provide a virtual exam and consultation in order to make recommendations about your treatment.
What Happens During Teledentistry Consultation?
The dentist will review your medical records and/or medical images. The dentist will record what she/he sees. Your medical and dental history and personal health information may be discussed over the video conference call.
What Happens After the Consultation?
Many times, a teledentistry consultation can successfully address concerns and prevent the need for a trip to the office. In other cases, the consultation may confirm the need for an emergency visit or future scheduled treatment.
How Do I Set Up a Virtual Appointment?
Please complete the form below, and our office will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Keeping our patients and staff safe during the coronavirus outbreak is important to us. We are excited to be able to add teledentistry as another way to care for our patients even under challenging circumstances.

If you have any questions please contact us.

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