Be Proactive, Your health will thank you

The cornerstone of total body wellness

Regular teeth cleanings and dental care checkups are the foundation of a beautiful smile and an overall healthy life. A solid home care routine coupled with professional visits from a biological dentist is essential to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. As the cornerstone of total body wellness, proactive dentistry can help you avoid and/or treat systemic illnesses ranging from heart disease, cancer, and pregnancy complications. Our team is comprised of skilled specialists who take a biological approach to your care. Instead of treating a single tooth, they see each tooth as an integral part of your overall health. They also understand just how important oral health is in maintaining proper oral function, limiting chronic infection and inflammation, and shielding your body from harmful toxins. Each time you visit the Rejuvenation Dentistry® office in Manhattan, NY, we can monitor your oral health for signs of infection or decay. Early detection and treatment ensures that we protect your teeth and save you from extensive dental work.

What is Rejuevenation Dentistry

Dentist or spa?

Our extraordinary dental cleanings are unlike any other. It begins with a warm Himalayan salt sole irrigation of the mouth, followed by a gentle teeth scaling of unhealthy plaque and staining. Next, a rejuvenating antioxidant “gum mask” is applied to your teeth and gums, followed by a soothing rinse and tooth polishing. Your treatment finishes with a relaxing head and neck massage which uses several natural water-soluble oils each purposely designed to improve circulation and provide relaxation to your facial muscles.

Mercury-Free Fillings

Filling a tooth after it has been cleared of decay can improve the way you look and feel. Toothaches and jaw pain can affect your ability to eat properly. We use mercury-free fillings to protect your oral health and overall health. They reinforce your teeth without any toxic ingredients! If you already have a metal filling, we offer safe and precise treatment that removes them while maintaining your health.

comprehensive Oral Exam With Advanced Technology

For a comfortable dental experience on the Upper East Side with the most accurate diagnostic equipment available, call our office to schedule an appointment with our distinguished team.

Digital X-rays
Digital x-rays transmit images from your mouth to our computer screen instantaneously. This allows us to enhance the images for a better view while eliminating the time you spend waiting for x-ray film to develop.
Intra-oral cameras
The small camera is as slender as a pen and can capture full-color images of your mouth, affording you the opportunity to see exactly what we see.
Identafi® 3000 Oral Cancer Screening Device
The symptoms of oral cancer can often be missed with a visual and tactile dental care examination. That’s why our team uses the Indentafi 3000 for oral cancer screening. The device uses wavelengths of varying colors to detect biochemical changes. We shine a light on your tissue to find areas of concern.

shield your overall health with proper dental health

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