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Dentistry's vital role in total body wellness

Today, conventional medicine is practiced in suppressing symptoms, not solving them. A world-renowned biologic dentist, author, and media personality, Dr. Gerry Curatola founded Rejuvenation Dentistry® to offer something more. We don’t focus on a symptom, we find it’s root cause and treat it so it doesn’t progress and cause more harm to your overall health. Through decades of combined experience transforming smiles and lives, our team has integrated total body wellness into the practice of oral health enhancement. With any patient we see, we take an approach grounded in bio-regulatory medicine—an evidence-based system that addresses the whole person. Medically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Your Mouth Is A Gateway To your Body

How you care for your mouth can directly influence the way you look and feel, both emotionally and physically. While researchers are just beginning to understand the impact of oral infection on the body’s systems and vital organs, practice founder Dr. Curatola, biologic dentist on the Upper East Side, has become a pioneer in integrative dentistry. From the dangers of mercury fillings to the chronic pain of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, our team can help you determine the source of your seemingly vague symptoms and rejuvenate your body.

Dr. Curatola Discusses the Oral Systemic Connection

The Four Main Principles of Biologic Dentistry

Dr. Curatola explains how biological dentistry is different from other dental practices.

What is Rejuevenation Dentistry

Look Younger, Live longer

Rejuvenation Dentistry isn’t just about looking younger; it’s about living longer. Dr. Curatola, our founder, is nationally recognized for his smile makeovers and philosophy on total body wellness through the importance of the mouth-body-spirit connection.

Enjoy a personalized, pampered approach to a beautiful smile and total body wellness with Rejuvenation Dentistry. Reserve your consultation and discover how integrative, superior dental care helps you look younger and live longer.

Life-changing care starts with a biologic approach

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