Full Arch Dental Implants - Midtown, NY

Restore Your Smile & Regain Confidence With All-On-4 Dental Implants

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Full Arch Implant Solutions

All-on-4® Delivers a Beautiful, Secure Smile

With the All-on-4® method, Dr. Curatola places natural-looking temporary dentures on four carefully planned implants. Once the implants have fused with the bone, your permanent set of dentures can be secured. All-on-4® delivers a beautiful, secure smile that you can count on without worry.

Teeth in a Day™ for Convenience and Immediate Results

With the Teeth in a Day™ method, Dr. Curatola strategically places implants, but unlike the All-on-4® method, the number may vary. Also, the Teeth in a Day™ method does not require temporary dentures, allowing you to enjoy your permanent, fully functional restoration right away.

How Are All-On-4® And Teeth In A Day™ Different From Dental Implants?

While implant supported dentures rely upon dental implants for stability, the advantages are quite different from traditional implants. With strategic placement, patients rarely require bone grafting procedures because Dr. Curatola can leverage areas with the greatest bone density. Also, All-on-4® and Teeth in a Day™ are only an option when an entire arch must be replaced, unlike dental implants, which can restore a single missing tooth.

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