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Holistic Dentist East Hampton Promoting Your Oral Health And Wellness

Holistic Dentist Treatments In East Hampton That Work To Promote More Than Just Your Oral Health. By Working With Your Overall Health And Wellness, Holistic Dentistry Advances The Care Of Your Tooth Structure, And You In General. Get An Amazing Holistic New York Dentist To Look After Your Teeth And Your Body The Holistically Healthy Way. Now.

Holistic dentist practices have been around formally since 1978. And East Hampton New York that is, is fortunate to have one of the world’s best dentistsDr. Gerry Curatola.

Traditional Or Holistic Dentist East Hampton?

Holistic dentists are very different from ‘traditional’ dentists.

Some of the other terms we are known by illustrate why, biological dentist, metal free dentist, natural dentist and of course, mercury free.

At our specialist East Hampton practice, we avoid the use of the mercury and amalgam fillings. Fillings which are used by wide numbers of other dentists around New York. In fact, we avoid the use of surgical procedures in our dentistry wherever possible.

As natural dentists, we are also substituting metal dental materials, with biocompatible materials. Notably ceramics including Zirconia. We find other, healthier, ways of dealing with cavities, and all manner of dental and oral hygene issues. Why?

Holistic dentistry, whether in East Hampton or elsewhere, works to promote the wellness of the body.

Rather than treat the presence of disease and infections.

We work on your dental health, and your wellness, from a very different angle.

Through treating your overall, hence holistic, health. We are able to influence the health of your teeth. Life in New York has its pressures, these impact on your health on a variety of levels. Including dental. And, while there may be certain aspects of your life, that you feel need to be as they are.

Our New York holistic dentist practice, works with you, to make the best of your situation. In terms of the effects it has on your teeth, that is.

Your oral wellness and dental wellbeing, is our prime focus.

Holistic Dentistry Works On Your Oral Health By Treating You As An Entire Person

Health, be it dental health or or other aspects of health, is far more integrated than most actually realize. Every cell in your body is connected. And every point in your body communicates via the intricate collection of neurons that network throughout your entire body. Head to toe. The teeth included.

The old concept around teeth was that, they were effectively dead tissue.

That they never grew, and so, any decay had to be cut out, and replaced with other materials.

That concept is incredibly far from the truth.

The actuality is that, your teeth are very much living things. Their cells do get replaced, even if at a slow rate. The blood flow within them carrying in fresh nutrients that enables healing and regeneration to occur.

With connectivity that runs through your entire body, via your neurons and other tissues. There are mechanisms of feedback and transmission, that lead to your body behaving in the way it does. And, because of this, for health situations to be treated from multiple directions.

As such, it is totally possible to enhance your oral health, through often non-surgical means.

Through holistic dental practicesour dental staff, can help your mouth regain good health.

And even better, stay healthy too!

Holistic Dentistry Empowering Your Oral Health In Amazing Ways

Safe Mercury Removal, Amalgam Fillings And Your Holistic Health

New York dentists, along with many others the world over, relied on mercury amalgam fillings for over a hundred years.

The thought with many dentists, being that they were easy to work with. That with the metal being hard and tough. Plus, that they would be durable.

The fact is that over the years, dentists and other people have come to understand that this is far from the full picture. Far more is now known, about both materials, and your health on holistic level. As a part of this, Mercury is now very widely understood to be hazardous to your health. And even if it is held within a composite material, as an alloy. It can still have unpleasant effects on your health.

Even through chewing, it as possible for mercury vapor to be released. And interaction with dental burs, can cause vapor release too. That mercury vapor then being injested, as you breathe or swallow. Going deeper into your body, and then absorbed into your blood stream. Where it can flow around your body. Leading to various issues detrimental to your health.

This is why one of the very special things we do, at our holistic dentist New York practice, is safely remove mercury amalgam fillings.

Something that Dr. Gerry Curatola’s other patients have huge gratitude for.

When you come in for your consultation, and the replacement of your old mercury amalgam fillings. We look after your health and safety, not just dental health, in a very particular manner.

As you relax back, in one of our comfortable New York practice dental chairs, dentistry procedures are brought into action, to safeguard your ongoing health. Very carefully.

Your skilled holistic dentist, and the trained dental staff on hand, place special dams around the teeth you are having worked on. With high grade suction devices ensuring that any vapor that may be released during the safe removal procedure, flows out and away from your body.

Eliminating the chance of any mercury, or amalgam, from harming you.

Of course, the safe removal of amalgam by your dentist, is just the first step.

Having safely removed the mercury, and harmful fillings, from your mouth. New biocompatible dental materials, are used by your dentist to create healthy fillings.

One of the materials we use at our holistic dental practice in New York, is Zirconia.

Zirconia is a crystaline ceramic.

Importantly, it has characteristics which make it ideal for use in replacement dental materials.

And being biocompatible, it will help you to maintain good health.

Good oral health, especially.

Dental Implants Which Are Biocompatible Plus Look And Feel Like Your Teeth

The use of biocompatible materials, is a clear point of distinction for holistic dentists.

The view of connectivity. Of the interaction of you as a biological system. And how your body behaves with different materials placed within it, is one of the reasons that the term biological dentist, or biologic dentist, is also often used. The focus expanding from dental, to holistic.

Medical replacements and biocompatibility, have been enjoying ever greater levels of research in recent years. All of which has outstanding benefits, as far as your health and longevity is concerned.

The use of metals, mercury especially, within fillings, as well as within dental replacement structures. Brings a variety of issues.

For a start, the presence of metal within the mouth, and indeed the body in general, can lead to issues of discomfort due to variations in temperature, and heat flow. Likewise electrical conductivity, and the transmission of electric charges within your mouth, can lead to various unpleasant sensations. And these are just a few of the things that can happen.

Because our holistic dentist East Hampton practice uses ceramics, like zirconia.

Your mouth feels as it should after dental work.

Comfortable, and at ease.

Plus because of the properties that zirconia has, it can be blended by dentists, to look like your natural teeth. So you can enjoy having a beautiful smile, with confidence. Beautiful, natural looking, healthy and durable.

Plus, thermally and electrically, zirconia behaves in a very similar manner to your natural teeth. So your mouth feels natural with your new dental implants. Regardless of whether you are enjoying a delightful sorbet with a herbal tea, or some other combination of diet induced thermal differentials.

Your mouth will feel at ease.

Zirconia induces minimal inflammation compared to titanium, and other options.

An additional benefit to this, is the way in which zirconia dental implants interact with plaque.

They experience lower plaque build up, than other types of implants. Plus they are very easy to clean. Much as your natural teeth are.

So that beautiful smile, really can stay beautiful. With ease.

And, because the entire dental implant is made from zirconia. Rather than using titanium screws, and then building on to them with ceramics. There is never concern about dark, gray, lines showing from the foundations of the replaced tooth.

With yet a further benefit being that, zirconia dental replacement teeth are significantly less costly, than ones using titanium.

So these wonderful, biocompatible, dental replacements aid with holistic health and healing. Whilst also benefiting your pocket, and ensuring that your smile, is the smile you wish it to be.

A great set of reasons to book in for that dentist consultation you need.

Root Canal Therapy Promoting Systemic Wellness And Healthy Tooth Structure

At Rejuvenation Dentistry here in East Hampton NY, we take a very different view on root canal work.

The difference, between so called traditional dentist, and holistic dentist East Hampton methods, place you and your body under very different levels of restorative care.

Common, or traditionalroot canal work, can lead to dangerous levels of bacterial pathogens, within what remains of the tooth. What starts off as something small. Can spiral and grow, into an issue which causes serious detriment to your systemic health.

And yet traditional dentists continue to do the same things.

Root Canal Therapy With A Holistic Dentist Is It Right For You?

Following a root canal, the tooth becomes, to all intents and purposes, dead.

Though, there is still biological material there upon which bacteria can breed.

Of course, you have bacteria all around your body. And certain types are useful to you. The ones that exist inside dead teeth can be incredibly harmful though, and cause serious infections.

Anaerobic bacteria.

The way they multiply can go unnoticed for years.

Then, when they begin leaking into your bloodstream, a wide variety of very unpleasant infections and health issues can suddenly erupt. A real healing crisis follows. And often, reaching the understanding that it is down to the long ago performed root canal operation, can slip by all too easily. As doctors focus on other things.

Thus, if you have had a root canal done.

It is worth booking a dentist consultation to get it checked. And the sooner the better, for your health. Both dental and holistic.

Emphasis On Cleaning Infection, Healing And Ensuring Good Systemic Health

The path taken by a good holistic dentist, in this case Dr. Curatola, is to properly cleanse the tooth of bacterial pathogens. Ensuring that infection is stopped way before it ever has a chance to spread.

A dental detox.

With your dentist, going right to the root.

Within the root canal therapy work done at Rejuvenation Dentistry, we work with 3D scans of your teeth. This is done so that we can properly ascertain the true picture of the health of your teeth.

While 2D X-rays have their place. They often lack the detail required, to properly distinguish issues such as cavitations. These being dangerous voids within bone tissue.

3D scans also help us to detect infection and cysts. With far greater ease.

Thus enabling us to take far better care of you.

Laser Treatment Ozonated Water And What Our Skilled Dental Staff Will Do For You

Laser dentistry, is something which has opened up a wide range of healing opportunities.

When our skilled New York dental staff, are carrying out your root canal therapy, one of the things we do is to sterilize, and irrigate the root canal in question. To do this we use a special dental laser, in combination with ozonated water.

As such keeping your mouth, and body, free of harmful chemicals.

Whilst also clearing away all the unpleasant bacteria. Which could have harmed both your oral health, and your wider systemic health.

This is just a short insight into what, as the top holistic dentist in East hampton New YorkDr. Curatola will be doing for you, during your treatmentBook in for a consultation, so that we can give you a full understanding, of what will happen. And, so that you can ensure you enjoy, a great opportunity for good health. Both dental and overall.

For years to come.

Restorative Dentistry Treatments Overcoming Tooth Decay With Your Holistic Dentist

Tooth decay becomes exceptionally uncomfortable, when allowed to go too far.

When your teeth are broken, cracked, or on the point of doing those things. Pain is often close at hand, if not gripping.

Enjoying food, and life in general, with such a state of tooth decay, tends to be severely limited.

Plus the knock on effects with your life bring challenges too. With the presence of pain, sleep often becomes an issue. Even the subtlest movement at night can cause you to wake. The resulting lack of sleep, triggering higher levels of stress within your life. Something you can really do without. Especially in that stress has detrimental effects on your health, and your ability to heal.

So dealing with tooth decay effectively. And getting restorative dental work done.

Is absolutely a good thing for you, and your life, in a very holistic way.

Crowns, Bridges And Full Reconstruction Dealing With Tooth Decay The Biological Dentist Way

When you are committed to your oral health, and ensuring it blends to enhance your overall health, in a very positive way.

There are various wonderful things biological dentist work, can do.

Crowns Tailored Specifically To Your Mouth Same Day In Our New York Dental Practice

Rejuvenation Dentistry, offers an exceptionally convenient service, for those needing new crowns.

When you come in for restorative dentistryDr. Curatola sets about doing some very special things, to help you bring your mouth back to a state of both comfort and beauty.

Using an advanced combination of 3D imaging, computer aided design and specialist milling techniques. We are able to create new crowns, that blend in very naturally with your mouth.

And are fitted by your wonderful dentist, the same day.

All in a very easy going manner.

A single dentist visit, and everything is done. So you can quickly get back to enjoying your food, ideal eating habits, and your life. To the full.

Even better, and totally in line with the holistic way our biological dentist practice worksYour new crowns are crafted using porcelain. So, along with looking very natural, they are also incredibly durable. And also incredibly comfortable, because porcelain is very similar in nature, in terms of material, to the composition of your natural teeth.

The wonders of modern dentistry!

So, your new crowns are done the same day. They feel comfortable within your mouth. And because they look natural, you have your beautiful smile back fast too.

Compelling reason to book a dentist consultation, yes?

Dental Bridges Which Are Fitted With Ease In Line With Natural Dentist Practices

There are times when crowns, and dental implants, cease to be an option.

For whatever reason.

At those times dental bridges offer a very comfortable alternative.

For this type of dentistry work, a set of three new crowns are created. The end crowns being the anchor points for the bridge. While the middle one replaces the tooth that made the restorative treatment necessary.

Your new dental crowns, are again made of beautiful porcelain.

Crafted by an astounding dentist, to look natural and beautiful, within your mouth.

And, while certain dentists believe that implants and bone grafts are necessary. Here at Rejuvenation Dentistry in New York city, neither of those things are needed. The dental procedure is usually completed within two easy visits. During which Dr. Curatola will do amazing things for your oral health.

Rejuvenating your confidence, as a result of the dental work you have done.

Which is minimally invasive, and long lasting.

So, if you need a bridge, or think you may need one. Booking a consultation, and coming in, to discover how quickly and comfortably your oral health can be transformed, is well worth your while.

Overall Full Mouth Reconstruction For When Tooth Decay Goes Too Far Or Change Is Desired

Changing your mouth overall, working through a complete oral reconstruction. Is sometimes what is required.

This can comprise of restorative dentistry to replace missing teethcraft and place new crownsCorrect bite issues due to alignment. Enhancing the contour of your gums and teeth. Tidying up chipped teeth. Addressing discoloration through Dr. Curatola’s special patented teeth whitening treatment. And much more.

Your Oral Health And Holistic Health In Alignment With Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction, is about so much more, than just your oral health.

Consider how much your mouth affects your life.

Your feelings and thoughts, about people looking at your mouth. When you talk, and interact with them.

Think about how your mouth feels, when you are eating. Of how you want to get the best from your food, and your lifestyle.

How does your mouth, and your smile, affect your confidence? And your ability to really enjoy life?

Your teeth, your mouth and your oral health, have far greater impact on your life than often gets acknowledged. They are in prime place to be noticed, both by others and yourself, in almost everything you do in life.

So, ensuring your mouth and your oral health are in prime shape, helps you to get the best of life.

If, you are feeling, that your mouth is holding you back, from getting the best from life.

Then coming to visit Dr. Curatola for a dentist consultation, could be one of the best things you ever do. As the top holistic dentist New York has to offer, the impact Dr. Curatola has had on various lives is incredible.

It is about time to honor your true worth. You are an amazing person, and you deserve to gain the best support possible, from having a beautiful smile and a truly healthy mouth.

Book a consultation with our staff today. And get ready to feel amazing, from the new mouth you will be getting from Dr. Curatola, very soon.

Gum Disease Treatment The Periodontal Work That Rejuvenates Your Oral Health

Gum disease has a very detrimental effect on the beautiful smile you like to enjoy with friends.

Gum disease is also relatively easy to treat.

And in a manner that is very easy going for you too.

Stress, and the diet that you enjoy as a New Yorker are what lead to gum disease. The pace of your life, and the richness of the food you consume, leading to increases in the bacteria occurring naturally within your mouth.

While regular flossing and brushing help, sometimes a little more help is good.

Periodontal maintenance, is a dental service that provides preventative dental care to many of our patients, here in New York.

As one of our well cared for New York holistic dentist patients, you will enjoy preventative care visits to our practice every three to four months. If, you choose to.

During each visit your skilled holistic dentist will clear away build ups of bacteria, that unchecked can lead to infection, and harmful conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or even a stroke. When we are clearing away the bacteria for you, we are doing so below the gum line.

New York Periodontal Care And Cleansing That Goes Deep To The Root Surface

So, we are cleaning and caring for your teeth, in a way that promotes their, and by extension your, health in an amazing way.

The periodontal care and maintenance program we provide, also encourages the reattachment of gum tissue to the tooth. So gums that were receding due to gum disease, can be returned to a good state of health, and the picture of how they should be in a state of total wellness.

Which again helps you, to ensure you have that beautiful smile you wish for.

Periodontal care and maintenance takes your oral health to a great place.

With this type of treatment being so comfortable, easy and quick. It is well worth giving yourself the time to check in for a dentistry appointment. Then, relax back while a world leading dentist, helps ensure you stay in top health.

Holistic health.

And with appointments being so easy to make, you have every reason, to come on in.

Whitening Your Teeth For An Amazing New York Smile With Dr. Curatola’s Patented Process

Dr. Curatola goes way beyond what many would expect, from a dentist in a holistic dentist New York clinic. Or indeed, from a dentist anywhere, for that matter.

Healthy looking white teeth, are incredibly important to your experience of life and living.

Whether you are in businessdoing charity work, or just enjoying time with friends.

Your smile, and your teeth, play an important part of who you are.

Your Teeth Along With Your Oral Health Play A Vitally Important Part Of Your Results In Life

If your teeth are discolored, and looking unhealthy. It can have a massive effect on your confidence levels. Something which then has an effect, on all areas of your life. And with reduced confidence, comes a limited experience of joy and happiness in your life.

One of the reasons that teeth whitening has become in such great demand.

Especially here in East Hampton.

Being a deeply caring holistic dentistDr. Curatola developed concerns as to how various whitening procedures actually affected oral health. And as a result your wider health too.

Because of this, and his commitment to total patient wellness.

Dr. Curatola developed the Rejuvenation Brighten & Balance™ Teeth Whitening treatment. Which is available to patients, at the practice here in New York.

Teeth Whitening Using A Holistic Dental Process And Treatments Patented By Dr. Curatola

This process is holistic dentistry flowing in an amazing way.

The unique whitening process, works to enhance the appearance of your teeth beautifully. While at the same time ensuring your oral health, is kept free from detrimental effects too.

The harmful oxidization effects which can be present with many other whitening treatments, are absent here.

So, you can enjoy, an amazing teeth whitening experience.

One that has you restoring your smile, to the confidence giving levels you wish. While all coming in a manner which is positive for your health, overall.

This is a very unique patented service.

New York Dentist Offering You A Highly Unique Treatment For A Beautiful Smile

Literally, because the treatment is patented, and Dr. Curatola developed it. You have very limited options to get this level of dental care. And because you wish for the best, in health and through out your life. You have an appreciation that, coming to Rejuvenation Dentistry Of East Hampton, is the best option you have.

So booking a consultation, and coming into our New York holistic dental practice, is absolutely the right thing to do. For your teeth, and your life holistically.

Cosmetic Dentistry From A New York Holistic Dentist To Get Your Teeth As You Wish Them

Teeth whitening offers an amazing way to restore confidence, and a beautiful smile. Sometimes, more than white teeth is needed. Especially in NYC.

When teeth have become chipped, worn or otherwise damaged.

Or, if the contours of your teeth, are less than truly pleasing.

Then cosmetic dentistry, that is holistic cosmetic dentistry, offers you an amazing opportunity.

Commonly with cosmetic dentistry, a layer or layers of enamel are removed from the teeth needing work. Following this, veneers are then placed, and adhered to the existing tooth, or teeth. The result being an enhancement of the previous cosmetic condition.

With the veneers being carefully blended, and matched, to your mouth. In a way that compliments and works carefully, with your bite.

Cosmetic Dentistry And Artistry Merging Together In East Hampton’s Top Dentist

Dr. Curatola has the eye and skill of a fine artist, when it comes to cosmetic dentistry.

And, his pioneering excellence as a holistic dentist in New York, ensures that everything done, will be done in a way that is empowering to your overall health too.

Veneers are far from the only option open to patients of Dr. Curatola’s New York holistic dentist practice.

Oral Beauty That Will Have Your Teeth And Smile Noted Wherever You Go In New York

Lumineers, offer you an amazing degree of oral beauty.

And they have some amazing benefits, beyond the cosmetic beauty.

Lumineers come free from the need to remove enamel. So the integrity of your tooth structure stays intact. Nothing removed, or taken away.

Your own teeth in glorious health, just with a subtle addition to elevate their appearance.

Beautiful Smile With Beautiful Teeth From A Very Durable Dental Treatment

They are long lasting.

And also, should you need it, totally reversible too.

So you gain the beautiful smile you wish to have, cosmetically, free from the need for any permanent dental procedures.

With such an amazing treatment on offer. And such a wonderful way to get a truly beautiful smile. In such a comfortable and easy way.

You have every reason to book in for an appointment, now.

Consultation And Booking To Get Dr. Curatola The Top Holistic Dentist New York City Has

In line with the comfort levels and holistic wellness you expect, from coming to visit the top holistic dentist in New York.

The consultation booking procedure is pain free, and easy, too.

Firstly, just call us on (631) 658-9800 to check scheduling, and arrange a convenient dental appointment.

Holistic Dental Practice In The Heart Of New York City Which Is So Easy To Get To

Then come on down to the Rejuvenation Dentistry Of East Hampton clinic at 56 The Circle, Suite A, East Hampton, NY 11937.

If you are unsure as to, how easily you can get to our East Hampton dental practice. Then just use the map below, and get some easy to follow directions. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive, being calm and relaxed is of course, dental appointment or not, great for your holistic health and wellness.

We have a very comfortable, and rather pleasantly styled, holistic dentist’s waiting area. So by arriving a few minutes prior to your dental appointment. You can ensure that you are composed, and ready, to get the most from your holistic dental appointment.

That is, you can ensure you get the absolute best value, from your appointment, with East Hampton’s top holistic dentist Dr. Curatola.

Whether you are coming in for:

  • The best cosmetic dentistry New York has to offer.
  • A set of dental veneers or lumineers, to give you a truly beautiful smile.
  • A much needed safe removal of mercury amalgam fillings.
  • Fitting of beautiful new porcelain crowns or bridges.
  • Periodontal care to help you heal from gum disease.
  • Or a root canal therapy session to ensure your systemic health stays good.

Your Oral Health Truly Matters, Get Ready To Be Welcomed Into The Best Holistic Dentist New York Has

We look forward to welcoming you as a patient. Warmly, into our Holistic dental practice. And giving you, a patient experience that will have you rating us as the best holistic dentist New York has to offerCall, and book now. You will be so happy you did.