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Removable Orthodontics

Why would orthodontics be so important to a biological and holistic dentist? Because an aligned bite does more than improve your appearance; it’s important to your oral and overall health, too. Your bite, if misaligned, can affect your ability to chew and eat the foods you need to live a healthy life.

TMJ Therapy

Do you suffer from sore facial muscles or jaw pain? Rejuvenation Dentistry® can provide relief when vague symptoms are affecting the way you feel, how you eat, or the quality of your sleep. Dr. Gerry Curatola, pioneer of biological dentistry and practice founder, and our acclaimed team offer relief from chronic pain with holistic treatment.

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Proactive (Preventative) Dentistry

Regular teeth cleanings and dental care checkups are the foundation of a beautiful smile and an overall healthy life. A solid home care routine coupled with professional visits from a biological dentist is essential to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. As the cornerstone of total body wellness, proactive dentistry can help you avoid and/or treat systemic illnesses ranging from heart disease, cancer, and pregnancy complications. Our team is comprised of skilled specialists who take a biological approach to your care. 

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Rejuvenation Mouth Facial™

This extraordinary treatment created by Dr. Curatola has transformed the mundane experience of a dental cleaning into a rejuvenating dental wellness event. Modeled after a skin facial, it begins with a warm Himalayan salt “sole” irrigation of the mouth, followed by a gentle tooth scaling and debridement of unhealthy plaque, tartar and stain. Next, a proprietary antioxidant “gum mask,” also developed by Dr. Curatola, consists of a combination of key vitamins, mineral salts, prebiotic and herbal ingredients called NuPath Biooactives® is applied to your teeth and gums. 

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