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The Biologic Approach to Advanced Health & Lasting Beauty

Biological Dentistry

Dentistry That Doesn’t Stop At Oral Health

You can’t have a healthy body without a healthy mouth. Research shows that oral health plays a critical role in disease prevention, longevity, and healthier living. With our biological and holistic approach, we address your well-being by looking at the total picture.

At-Home Rejuvenation

Treatment from Head to Toe

Natural ingredients. BPA-free, responsibly sourced materials. We offer a comprehensive line of products that will make your smile shine, give you younger-looking, hydrated skin, and help you lose weight safely and naturally.

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"I had difficulty chewing. I got Full mouth reconstruction Rejuvenation Dentistry fixed it with their biological approach. I really trust the doctors at Rejuvenation dentistry."

The Heart of Holistic Dentistry

It goes by many names: biological dentistry, biomimetic dentistry, metal-free dentistry, toxic-free dentistry, and natural dentistry. Holistic and biological dentistry considers your entire state of physical and emotional well-being. It views the mouth as the gateway and a mirror to the entire body. Maintaining your overall health and wellness is dependent on preventing and treating oral disease. However, instead of treating dental symptoms, we find the root cause of your concern and treat it with minimally invasive protocols and bio-compatible solutions.

Pioneering biologic restorative dentist and noted author Dr. Gerry Curatola founded Rejuvenation Dentistry® with the mission of treating the whole patient. The premier holistic and biological dentist in New York, NY, he has led the field in innovative approaches to dental care for more than three-and-a-half decades.

Dr. Gerry Curatola, Cosmetic Dentist in New York, NY Welcomes You To Rejuvenation Dentistry

Meet Our Renowned Team

The Rejuvenation Dentistry team is a who’s who of the top doctors practicing today. Skilled in the full spectrum of biological and traditional dentistry, we’ll guide you to the total body wellness, physical transformation, and emotional contentment you seek.

Minimally Invasive, Non-Toxic, Biocompatible

How do we deliver dentistry that takes your mouth, body, and overall well-being into consideration? By employing minimally invasive techniques that are as effective as they are easy on your body and your mind. Through the use of natural elements such as oxygen, water, and even your own blood instead of chemicals to disinfect and heal you. By using biocompatible, non-toxic materials and removing existing toxic elements from your body. We also do everything possible to keep you relaxed and stress-free throughout all phases of your treatment. Here you’ll have an experience like no other. We take pride in that.

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