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Smile Secrets

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While a student at NYU College of Dentistry, Dr. Gerry Curatola, president of his class, was committed to revolutionizing the world of dentistry. Since then he has been practically unstoppable. Having realized his goal of re-inventing areas of dentistry, one quick chat with him and you soon realize why he’s the media darling of network and local TV. His energy and enthusiasm are palpable. True, he does have the cache that comes from creating some of the most beautiful smiles, many belonging to celebrities. But it his passion for his field — and his down-to-earth accessibility — that have made his practice one of the most successful in New York, East Hampton as well as affiliate offices in London, Paris, and Rome. Despite these credentials, he remains increasingly popular among a wide cross section of people, not just the bold faced names. “It’s simple. I like people,” he confesses. Known for state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Curatola nevertheless uses the Renaissance to illustrate his approach to dentistry. The Renaissance? “I can’t help it,” he laughs, continuing, “I relate to daVinci. He was an artist. I’m an artist. He was a scientist. Me, too. So while I create a beautiful smile, I’m also inextricably connected to science.” You can hear this dentist feels strongly that one can not separate the aesthetics of a beautiful smile from science. “If you don’t connect the two, you will be treating symptoms and never remedy the underlying cause. A beautiful smile can not last until the underlying cause is treated, too.” For this reason, Dr. Curatola identifies the mouth as the critically important pivotal link to total body health and wellness.

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Increasingly over the years, Dr. Curatola’s pioneering perspective has been born out by important research findings which corroborate his philosophy. Whether it’s The Surgeon General’s Report or a recent update by Harvardresearchers, new studies continually correlate a person’s health to the state of their oral health. The list of outcomes stemming from poor oral health can be both alarming and extensive: coronary artery disease, cerebral vascular disease that triggers strokes, diabetes, cancer, even obesity. All have been linked to poor oral care. Research also confirms that other systemic illnesses including respiratory diseases, osteoporosis, pancreatic disease, Alzheimer’s disease as well as low weight and preterm births can be tied to poor oral health. It’s clearer each day: your mouth mirrors your general health. And poor oral health can trigger a series of catastrophic health events.


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Products - Revitin Tooth Paste

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Revitin™ Oral Therapy with NuPath® BioActives, according to our latest research is the most significant advance in oral health care in over a generation. Unlike other toothpastes, (most of which have a poison warning on the label), Revitin™ is safe enough to ingest and contains no harsh detergents or chemicals.Revitin tooth paste

Revitin™ Oral Therapy works with the natural defenses in the mouth. We like to think of it as a conditioner for the gums, which is especially important these days when so many are using strong chemicals to whiten their teeth. These teeth whitening chemicals, especially when used at home, can cause potential damage to the gums. (After all, everyone who bleaches their hair, conditions it afterwards.)

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Rejuvenation Dentistry - Press Summary

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Rejuvenation Dentistry has expansive press coverage in addition to the contributions we have made to public awareness and great wellness through dental health.



Millions of Smiles

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Dr. Gerry believes there has been a great job done in improving a patients appearance with cosmetic treatments, but an inadequate one at understanding the connection between systemic illnesses and poor oral hygiene care. As a pioneer in Rejuvenation Dentistry, Dr. Gerry integrates advanced medicine with enhanced beauty resulting in a patients enriched sense of well-being and longevity. A clients first visit to the Zen style ambience of Rejuvenation Dentistry is transformed into a celebration of their individual beauty, dental and total wellness needs.

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